Becoming a teacher on loquilove

We are very pleased that you have decided to become one of the very first loquilove teachers (our pilot started end of October 2018)! On loquilove you will teach for free and pass the tuition of CHF 15 per lesson as a donation to an education project you choose in a developing country.

We are very thankful for this and your generosity! 

By teaching on loquilove, you will give other people a perspective in two ways: Your student will progress in a foreign language (at a very decent price) and your donation will help educate children and small business entrepreneurs in developing countries.

After registering you will be recommended to a student. The more lessons you will give to this student, the more the student will profit from your teaching and the more good is done.

We can schedule a kick off Skype meeting if you would like one. Should you have any questions, feel free to write us an e-mail.

Let us create something great and meaningful together!

Do you have friends or family you think would also love to engage on loquilove? Please let them know about loquilove by sending them this drafted recommendation e-mail.