The PHLU program

We are very pleased that loquilove has been approved as an official PHLU program, in which you can earn “Freie Credits”.

All 5th semester students (or higher) with a C1 language level are admitted to the program to earn 1 credit point by teaching 15 English or German lessons online with a loquilove student (or 2 credits for 30 lessons).

After applying for the loquilove program at PHLU, you can register here and start earning credits while doing good. After signing up you will be recommended to a student and asked to provide your availabilities. If all works out, you will work with one student for the full 15 respectively 30 lessons during one or two semesters.

Depending on the number of new students applying for the program, we will either do an on-site or a Skype kick off where you will get a detailed introduction to the app. If you have questions in advance, feel free to write us an e-mail.

Let us create something great and meaningful together!

Do you have friends or family you think would also love to engage on loquilove? Please let them know about loquilove by sending them this drafted recommendation e-mail.