do good
by supporting an education project
do good
by supporting an education project

Every language lesson supports an education project.

Language lessons as donations

Students learn a language with teachers who donate their tuition to an education project in a developing country. As a result, each lesson taken on loquilove directly supports the education of children and small business entrepreneurs in developing countries.

Education projects

The donations generated on loquilove will improve children's perspectives through better access to basic education and create jobs by training small business entrepreneurs how to improve their businesses. To reach sustainable impact we are applying the guiding principle of help for self-help. 

HELVETAS - Swiss Intercooperation is our partner in the basic education of children to improve their perspectives.

BPN - Business Professionals Network is our partner in the education of entrepreneurs to create jobs.

Multiplying the positive effects

Every single lesson on loquilove contributes to a good cause! As a result, the more lessons that are taken on loquilove, the more people in need will be supported.

Better educated children as well as entrepreneurs create perspectives for themselves and their communities.

So, we are counting on you to help us grow the loquilove community! Help us do good by sharing our idea.

What happens with the tuition

With the tuitions generated through live tutoring (CHF 15 per lesson), we support education projects in developing countries. A lion's share of 90% of the tuition is donated to education projects (we can do this as the loquilove teachers pass on and donate their tuitions). 10% of the tuition is used to cover loquilove costs (payment services, servers, running costs) and to improve the app.

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