passionate entrepreneurs

eager to make a difference
passionate entrepreneurs

eager to make a difference

We want to give new perspectives.


Our vision is to give people new perspectives through a platform that allows users to learn or teach a language and do good at the same time.

To achieve this, we develop an app that makes taking a lesson as easy as calling an Uber by offering a convenient search, scheduling, rating, payment and an integrated live video chat.

Our first step is to launch a pilot web app with students from universities of teacher education who teach for free to earn credit points.


The loquilove idea was born when Tobi (one of the founders) wanted to take Spanish lessons during a one-month remote-work stay on the Canary Islands. After unsuccessfully googling for face-to-face lessons in the secluded village of San Andrés, he turned to his Airbnb landlord for advice.

Eventually he found a Spanish teacher in Laura, a local hair dresser and housekeeper. As an untrained teacher, she was very happy to give daily lessons at Euro 15 an hour.

Laura has a handicapped daughter named Naira whom Tobi got to know at a family invitation. It was then, when Laura told Tobi what she would do with the money: invest it in her daughter’s expensive education. He was hooked. He could do good by learning a language. Loqui. Love.


What we - the founders of loquilove Tobias Ammann and Marc Rütsche - were missing in our strategy and finance consulting jobs, was real purpose. So, we were breeding over business ideas with a good cause early after finishing our studies at the University of St. Gallen.

With loquilove we have developed a business model that bears that good cause and is scalable enough to make a difference in this world.


With the donations generated through live tutoring, we support education projects of two very reliable and well respected Swiss partners:

HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation:
"Primary school education and vocational training is vital for young people to take charge of their lives. Even today many children cannot go to school or drop out early. With your support, we provide these children and youth access to basic education and training modules tailored to local labour market requirements. Furthermore, we assist in training of teachers and developing adequate teaching materials. In all our activities, we aim for the inclusion of girls and women. Help these children and young people in building their self-determined future."

BPN - Business Professionals Network:
"Promoting small business entrepreneurs – Wherever entrepreneurship flourishes, jobs are created, the economy prospers and the living conditions of the population are improved. Since 1999, the BPN Foundation has been supporting small entrepreneurs in developing countries with individual coaching, business education and loans for the purchase of production machines. By promoting «help for self-help», BPN empowers entrepreneurs to professionally build their companies and consequently to preserve and create jobs. BPN thus contributes to a sustainable economic development and opens new perspectives for people in their home country."

Do you have friends or family you think would also love to engage on loquilove? Please let them know about loquilove by sending them this drafted recommendation e-mail.